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Moments of Truth: The Making Of…

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11 November 2017
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Join us to explore the relationship between truth, evidence and the social issues that matter

During the Festival women who love women and members of the Greater Manchester public are invited to get involved in making a series of short films to help researchers to reflect on the importance of gaining diverse viewpoints on truth, evidence and gaining insights into key social issues that matter.

Many commentators have said that we are now living in a post-truth era, but what does this mean? In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries chose ‘post-truth’ as its word of the year, defining it as “circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”. With many people bypassing traditional news media altogether and getting their news from social media, there are increasing numbers of competing viewpoints being put forward as the ‘truth’.

Join us during the Festival to explore the relationship between truth, evidence and social reality. We invite people from diverse backgrounds to come together to make and screen a short piece of media exploring how there can be different viewpoints on the truth, especially about key issues that matter.

Filmmaker and Salford academic, Dr Erinma Ochu has partnered with The Proud Trust, Queer Media Festival and performer, Emmanuel Bajiiji, to creatively engage audiences to reflect on these ideas through the making of several short films. Erinma and Emmanuel will be out and about in Greater Manchester making a film with the public during the Festival of Social Science.

The meeting point will be emailed. Join the Scicomm Space mailing list at to receive details. 

There will be two mobile film making sessions: 2.45-3.45 and 5.30-6.30.

Follow us on Twitter: @scicommsalford

Contact: Dr Erinma Ochu


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