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Coercive Persuasion in the Era of Fake News

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06 November 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

University of Salford - Media City Campus
Media City
M50 2HE


A scientific and artistic exploration of coercive influence and contested facts in our daily lives

How can we distinguish between conspiracy theories and the reality of coercive abuse in groups and relationships? In the era of contested facts and ‘fake news’ how much do we control our perception of reality? What are the implications for our mental health?

This workshop tackled the disturbing phenomena of coercive persuasion and mind control, where people are manipulated into believing things and forming opinions which may be counter to their real perceptions and values. We explored how social science research and artistic exploration can shed light on the realities and myths of harmful influence in society. This interdisciplinary multi-format workshop took participants on a scientific and artistic exploration.

Contact: Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall


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