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Therapeutic Night Time Positioning Equipment and the Impact on Posture and Activities of Daily Living

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09 November 2019
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Piccadilly Train Station
Station Approach
M60 7RA


Most adults spend seven to eight hours lying in bed at night and if body position is inadequately aligned, changes can take place resulting in a damaging effect on posture sustained over a period of time. This is especially pertinent for people who are unable to alter their lying position due to complex health conditions, abnormality of muscle tone, and immobility. The consequences are clear in terms of the effect on basic bodily functions, for example breathing, digestion and circulation, which in extreme cases can result in death. A potential answer to manage the effects of postural asymmetry is the use of night time positioning equipment (NPTE); the team will share the findings of a small pilot study conducted in a nursing home to passengers and staff using Piccadilly Station in interactive demonstrations.

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