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The English language does not belong to just the English: A discussion of World Englishes in society

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08 November 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The University of Manchester
Oxford Rd
M13 9PL


The English language has spread throughout the world and now resides far from England, its country of birth. Global varieties, such as Indian English and Korean English, for example, are just as valid for communicative purposes regarding their use of specific words and grammar. In Korea, burberry refers to ‘trench coat’ and such usage is no different from British people using the word hoover to mean ‘vacuum’. Likewise, Indian English usage of I am having a house is not ‘wrong’ simply because British or American English would use ‘I have a house’ – it’s merely different and based on influence from the grammar of Hindi.

This event focuses on three points: national varieties of English tie in with national identities; no variety of English is inherently ‘superior’ to another; and the implications of these factors for the teaching of EFL and overall communicative purposes. The event involves an exercise in which you will be asked to translate from one variety of English to another; a presentation; and clips from films in which World Englishes are used.

The event is open to everyone, from linguists to laypeople, from bilinguals to monolinguals, as language is a subject which is accessible to all.

The event will consist of a 50-minute talk, including hands-on exercises and film clips. Tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided and there are six slots offered throughout the day on 8th November 2019, on the University of Manchester campus:

10 – 11: Williamson building, G.33

11 – 12: Williamson building, G.33

1 – 2: Roscoe building, 1.009

2 – 3: Roscoe building, 1.009

3 – 4: Roscoe building, 1.009

4 – 5: Roscoe building, 1.009


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