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Social (In)Security: Lived Experiences of the Benefits System

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08 November 2017
12:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Museum of Science and Industry
Liverpool Road
M3 4FP


Providing unique insights into the experiences of benefit claimants and welfare practitioners

What is it like to live on benefits? In recent years, government welfare reforms have seen the introduction of a raft of measures impacting on those claiming social security benefits. This includes the introduction of the benefits cap, as well as an increase in welfare conditionality where to receive benefits a person has to agree to meet particular obligations or patterns of behaviour.

This seminar will present findings from a number of ground breaking studies being undertaken at the Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit at the University of Salford. Focusing specifically on different aspects of welfare reform, it will provide policymakers and practitioners working within the Greater Manchester area with unique insights into the experiences of benefit claimants and those in precarious employment, as well as providing an insight into the experiences of welfare practitioners operating within this policy area.

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Contact: Dr Lisa Scullion