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Robots vs Loneliness?

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06 November 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Manchester Cathedral
Victoria Street
M3 1SX



Robots vs Loneliness?

Social robots are on the rise. They’re designed to be our friends, companions, and even partners in a bid to tackle loneliness. But how convincing is the idea of a robot that can make you feel less lonely? Do social robots provide meaningful social interaction, or, as machines rather than persons, do they risk making us feel lonelier than ever? Come along to this event to hear from a range of experts about where we’re at with loneliness-fighting robots, ask your questions, and join the conversation about the much-anticipated social ‘robot revolution’.


In this interactive event, a panel of experts from different fields will discuss some of the priorities and risks of social robots. You will have chance to ask the panel your questions and to participate in the debate.

The panel will be comprised of:


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