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Music as an Agent of Change at The Fall of the Berlin Wall

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09 November 2019
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

YES, Pink Room
38 Charles Street
M1 7DB


On its 30th anniversary (9th November 2019), the fall of the Berlin Wall is commemorated, reflected on and discussed through the eyes of artists. Electronic) music played a big part in the peaceful process that led to German unification. The potential for music to initiate and/or facilitate societal change is not specific to a city, region or country but universal. By looking at Berlin and the fall of the Berlin Wall as a case study, the discussions and performances will include other (international) perspectives and experiences.

The evening will start with Dr Peter’s talk on the role of music as an agent of change. It will be followed by a conversation between Mark Reeder and Abigail Ward. Mark Reeder is an artist, DJ and record label owner with continued strong links to both cities. Born and raised in Manchester, he moved to Berlin in 1978 and experienced the fall of the Berlin wall first hand. Abigail Ward is an award-winning digital curator and DJ and a founding member of Manchester Digital Music Archive.

The second part of the evening is the result of an open call to all artists of the local community. They are invited to reflect on and perform in response to the fall of the wall in Berlin.

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