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Move to a New Town!

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08 November 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Number 70 (former Cornerhouse)
70 Oxford Street
M1 5NH


Move to a New Town!

Are you looking for a new home? A new job? A new life?!? ‘In Move to a New Town!’ you will be presented with a rare opportunity to find out how Development Corporations promoted new town living to potential new residents via a series of short-films from the Northwest Film Archive.

The New Towns were a key urban policy that shaped post-war Britain. There will be a short introduction followed by the screening of selected archival films that were designed to encourage people to move to these bold experiments in urban and social planning. The event will also enable the use of research findings from the ESRC High Street UK2020 project, co-led by Dr Steve Millington, which will provide the basis for discussion around the notion of effective place-making. The event will also involve a short talk from Dr Niel Pye, a former Skelmersdale councilor.


Contact: Dr Hannah Neate