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How children think

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06 November 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Manchester Central Library
St Peters Square
M2 5PD


Parents and caregivers are always interested in how children understand others around them or their social worlds, social norms, and obligations. In this event, we will share the latest findings on children’s social and cognitive development with the public audience. The parents and caregivers will be informed about our research on children’s social, moral, and cognitive development in an informal setting.

Our demonstrations will cover various techniques which will include observations of behaviours (e.g., how much children share) as well as other techniques that involve tracking eye movements and motion/posture. The parents will be presented with various handouts about how they can stay connected and involved in social sciences. We will have hands-on activities and demonstrations about how children understand the social world, reason about social norms and how they cooperate with others (parents, peers) to solve problems. Discover how cooperative young children are! We will have activities for children and the whole family.

Drop in between 10am and 4pm.