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Finding a perfect job match: using social science to gain a better understanding of job choices and job quality

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07 November 2018
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

East Manchester Academy


Finding a perfect job match: using social science to gain a better understanding of job choices and job quality

School pupils are often told they have to work hard and do well at school so they can get a ‘good job’.  But what makes a good job, and are employers providing them?

This interactive session invites pupils in a Manchester school to come ‘job-speed-dating’ to learn more about job characteristics and job quality.  Is there a job where it is love at first sight?  Will pupils’ growing knowledge of job quality research change their ideas about what they define as a good quality job, which jobs they are compatible with and which jobs should be politely shown the door?


Attendance at this event is by school invitation only.

Contact: Dr Clare Mumford





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