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Familiarities of Fit: Intergenerational Experiences of Clothed Bodies

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07 November 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sackville Street Building
University of Manchester
M1 3BB


Using the body-scanner in family groups to learn about your body-shape and how clothes fit

Do you have a body shape that’s similar to other members of your family? Do clothes fit you in the same way as they do your siblings or parents? Or are you a completely different shape to them? How does that make you feel?

At the University of Manchester, our clothing engineers focus on clothing fit and body shape. At the same time, some of our social scientists are interested in learning more about family relationships (such as how your body is like your mum’s or different to your sister’s) and what significance these similarities might have in how we see ourselves as different, similar or close to other family members. In this event, we showed how two groups of researchers are working together to look at this issue from both scientific and social scientific perspectives.

Our event allowed visitors to try our body scanner! They had the opportunity to learn about how the scanner works and how scientists use it in their research. They also had the chance to have a go at their own social science research, asking one another questions to reflect on the process and learning more about how material scientists and social scientists work together to research body shape.

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