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Data Visualisation and Decision-making in Criminal Courts

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04 November 2017
10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Williamson Building, University of Manchester
176 Oxford Road
M13 9QQ


How is information presented in criminal courts and what effect can this have on jurors?

The way information is displayed and presented can have a dramatic effect on a person’s judgement. Nowhere is this more evident than in a criminal trial when jurors have to decide whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. How evidence is presented visually can vastly affect a jurors decision.

At this event participants got a behind-the-scenes insight into how data is visualised in criminal courts. Audience members participated in a role-play mock trial, and posed questions to an expert in a Q & A session. The day included:

  • a multimedia presentation on decision-making, criminal trials and evidence, and the role of data visualisation in this process.
  • role-play activities: attendees had an opportunity to act as jurors and make decisions on the basis of visual presentations of evidence in a court-like setting.
  • a debriefing presentation by the researchers who talked the audience through the results of their mock trial, followed by a Q & A session for attendees with a legal practitioner.


Contact: Dr Reka Solymosi


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