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Cities 2050: Chasing the Dream for Zero Carbon

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06 November 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

MMU Business School, All Saints Campus
Oxford Road


Are you worried about the climate crisis? It is estimated that in 70 years, current reserves of coal and gas will be depleted. In our research, we investigate the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source without compromising on sustainability. The universe consists in 75% of Hydrogen. Combining Hydrogen and Oxygen allows generating electricity in a single step chemical process with the only byproduct being a clean water.

Join as at the event to learn how we can transform our future by shifting from fossil fuels into sustainable, zero-carbon future. We will explore the science behind hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and show you how the fuel cell works and where can it be applied in everyday life. Experience electrolysis (water splitting) using solar or battery-powered electrolyser. Play with our toys, such as cars, fans, mini-wind turbines and more, that are powered by hydrogen fuels cells, and understand the principles that can be easily expanded and utilise in our day-to-day lives.