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Cities 2050: Bad Bugs Bookclub – Influenza in fact and in fiction

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06 November 2019
All Day

MMU Business School, All Saints Campus
Oxford Road


By 2050 around 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. So many people in such close contact… perfect for the spread of disease. Will our future cities be infection hotspots and are there ways to prevent major outbreaks and global pandemics?

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Bad Bugs Bookclub invites you to explore the topic of disease and infection control through literature. Through thorough research and imagination, fiction writers bring fresh perspectives to the age-old horrors of infectious disease. Can scientists, epidemiologists and public health specialists learn new tricks by reading fiction? Emeritus Professor Jo Verran, founder of Bag Bugs Bookclub will steer discussion about how disease transmission and infection control is portrayed in a range of different stories. This session is part Cities 2050, a day of talks, activities and interactive sessions to get you thinking about how urban life will change over the next 30 years. Jo will also give a short talk about how the city as plot device affects the transmission of disease in fiction as part of a series of talks during the afternoon programme.