University of Manchester Events 2021

Being (im)mobile in a world of movement

In the past few years, migration and borders have remained a very salient topic of interest in public debates in the UK and everywhere in the world. However, while the highly politicised topics of migration governance, restrictive border regimes and human rights are regularly discussed in the media, there is often little consideration in public discourses for migration as a set of lived experiences. Focusing on visual materials and story-telling, the exhibition brings together cutting-edge social science research on migration conducted at the University of Manchester. Doing so, it addresses what it means to be moving or staying put when everyone around is moving.

View now at: 

When: 1st – 30th November 2021

Where: Online

Exhibition Curators: Dr Elena Borisova and Dr Sébastien Bachelet

The Safe Place: Building a safe space for active and effective listening

Join us for an interactive workshop on how your organisation can build a ‘safe space’ for employees to confidently raise issues and share their experiences, better support the development of Black female colleagues and address racial tensions in the workplace.


You’ll have the chance to hear from, speak, and share with:

Francisca Alvarez-Figueroa and Fernanda Teixeira (The University of Manchester), Co-authors of an imminent research report “Breaking the Glass: Understanding the barriers faced by Black Professional Women in career progression

Sharon Amesu, Director of She Leads for Legacy, a community of Black Female Professionals working in partnership with a range of organisations to accelerate established and aspiring Black female leaders into Senior Leadership positions.

Dr Jenny K Rodriguez, Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies, Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee at Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester & founding member of Decolonizing Alliance.

Dr Isabel Tavora, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Work and Equalities Institute, The University of Manchester, with expertise in how institutions can support female employment and advance gender equality in different countries.

When: Monday 8th November 2021 12.00 – 14.00

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Hannah Murray

Cucusonic: translating bioacoustic recordings into new music in Colombia

This event will present the work of Cucusonic, a collective of Colombian biological scientists, anthropologists and musicians who in partnership with the University of Manchester’s Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and charity In Place of War invited a team of high profile electronic music producers to use a bank of rainforest sounds (lizards, bats, frogs, birds etc) to create new music.

When: Monday 8th November 2021 17:00 – 18:30

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Dr Rupert Cox


Uncertain Futures: Working with Women to Create Change

We are holding a roundtable to discuss our participatory research project which has fused art and research to reveal the true voices of women over 50 and their experiences with work in Manchester. We will be discussing the importance of art in instrumentalising change, the role of the women and researchers in participatory research and we can work on next steps to eliminating the many inequalities raised by these women. Your voice is also powerful and by attending this event you can be part of this movement for change in the coming months!

When: Wednesday 10th November 2021 – 14.00 – 16.00

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Dr Elaine Dewhurst

‘I had one of those!’ Sharing memories and stories through objects.

Objects remind us of other people, our own pasts and what it was like to live in a particular time. This event with the Stories of our Lives group will explore how things we had when we were younger can help us to remember and feel connected to other people. Bring along an object, or come and see which objects we have with us.

All welcome to this free event which is being run in partnership with Manchester University as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

When: Saturday 13th November 2021 – 14.30 – 16.00

Where: Chorlton Library, Manchester Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, M21 9PN

Event Organiser: Professor Sophie Woodward

Follow the Thing: towards universal access to medical oxygen

With scenes of oxygen shortages from Peru to India, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many to consider the mobilities of oxygen. Where is oxygen produced? How does it get from the point of production to the patient? What challenges and inequities are entailed? As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, the Mobile Medical Materials working group is convening a panel of oxygen specialists to shed light on the inner workings of medical oxygen supply chains and how universal oxygen access can be achieved. The panel event will be edited into a podcast as part of ‘Follow the Thing’ series.

When: Thursday 18th November 2021 – 18.00 – 19.30

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Dr Stephanie Sodero

Manchester, Botanical City: Plants, Stories, Lives

Plants make life possible: they are crucial to existence and to wellbeing, especially also in urban environments. Yet they are often disregarded, or considered ornamental extras. Our words reveal this: ‘vegetating’ means being passive, barely alive. At a time of environmental crisis, the spaces we share with plants, and our relations with them, need to be reimagined. This event explores different ways of being through and with plants, with panellists whose approaches include poetry, community and climate action, botany, and indigenous perspectives.

Video link: Manchester, Botanical City from Belle Vue Productions on Vimeo

When: Wednesday 17th November 2021 – 15.00 – 17.00

Where: Online and in-person

The in-person event will be hosted at: The Whitworth, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6ER

Online tickets: Manchester, Botanical City: Plants, Stories, Lives (virtual) Tickets, Wed 17 Nov 2021 at 15:30 | Eventbrite

In-person tickets: Manchester, Botanical City: Plants, Stories, Lives (in person) Tickets, Wed 17 Nov 2021 at 15:00 | Eventbrite

Event Organiser: Dr Anke Bernau

Drumming Up Climate Change

A day and evening of performances and activities exploring how unity, music, and business can be used for eco-tourism development to address climate change issues. Discussions and demonstrations from 4pm onwards. Music from 7pm onwards from:

Rootz from Manchester – Afrobeat rapper

Tikeela – Jamaican reggae & roots rapper

Sens Sagna and the Kajamor Family – Afrobeat roots fusion


When: Friday 19th November 2021 – 16:00 – 22:00

Where: Old Abbey Taphouse, Manchester, M15 6SY


Dig for Victory: Growing Greater Manchester's sustainable food revolution

A series of interactive talks, where you’ll have the chance to hear from, discuss, and get involved with fellow community members hoping to drive positive change through sustainable food. Located in Platt Fields Market Garden, a chef’s garden table to taste the delights of Platt Fields Market Garden will be served for lunch.

When: Tuesday 2nd November 2021 12.00 – 14.30

Where: Platt Fields Market Garden, Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield, M14 6LT

Event Organisers: This workshop is led in partnership with Manchester Urban Diggers and three Collaboration Labs researchers: Dr Filippo Oncini, Sustainable Consumption Institute, The University of Manchester, Ling Li, The University of Liverpool & Sarah Walker, School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University. With support from the Sustainable Consumption Institute, The University of Manchester.


Sounding the Siren: Preparing the aid system for climate emergency

How does the humanitarian aid system need to adapt to the climate emergency? Meet Amrita, she’s an aid worker trying to answer this question. Join us for this outdoor installation that explores her (fictional) journey from London to the international climate negotiations in Glasgow (Nov 2021). Learn about her experiences as an aid worker and her seven key recommendations for world leaders.

When: Monday 8th November – Friday 12th November 2021 11.00 – 13.00 each day

Where: University Place, The University of Manchester, 176 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

Event organiser: Dr Stephanie Sodero


Citizen Food Futures: Exploring Hopes & Fears of Food Provision

Topical, bite-sized videos from academics summarising social science research in this field will be released over one week and the public will be encouraged to view and respond to provocations from the research. These will include video responses and reflections posted through social media as well as a purpose built online platform to encourage new interactions, new connections and new knowledge. Please ensure you sign up via Eventbrite to receive all the relevant links.

When: Monday 8th November – Sunday 14th November 2021 – Various Times (please see Eventbrite for details)

Where: Online

Event Organisers:  Dr Jo Mylan, Alliance Business School, University of Manchester and Dr Adrian Morley, Manchester Metropolitan University

Creative and cultural collaborations in social science research

Can universities and cultural leaders really change policy when they work together?

What difference does research make to the practicalities of running a cultural organisation?

Where do you start when you’re interested in collaborating?

Focused on the creative and cultural industries in the North West, and drawing on Creative Manchester research into collaborative working, this panel session will connect researchers, industry, policy and business engagement teams to discuss the opportunities for, and challenges of, collaboration in research and knowledge exchange.

When: Wednesday 10th November 2021 – 12.00 – 14.00

Where: Alliance Manchester Business School, Booth Street West, Manchester, M15 6PB

Event Organiser: Dr Victoria Barker

On and off screen diversity: Why does it matter?

Have you ever thought why diversity matters in the cultural industries, or how representations about race are made? This event will answer these questions and explore with you how things can be done better.

The event will be delivered in conversation with leading cultural industry partners. We will discuss racial and religious representations on screen with The Riz Test, and we will look at how diversity is crucial behind the scenes with Creative Access.

Together, we’ll discuss how we can work together for a more equitable and representative culture.

When: Thursday 11th November 2021 – 13.30 – 15.30

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Dr Roaa Ali

Life of Water: Large dams, deltas, and climate change in South Asia

The coasts of south Asia, bordering the vast Bay of Bengal sea have faced devastating cyclones, flooding, and droughts over the past 200 years. The river deltas, which are food growing zones for the region, are particularly vulnerable as they sit at the intersection of precarious livelihoods which are essential to food security. This exhibit uses illustrated geo-referenced maps, data from colonial and post-colonial archives, and interviews with residents of the coastline to tell the story of a changing environment. It provides an insight on how we can understand the unique challenges of environmental life and climate in precarious global south contexts.

When: Friday 12th November 2021 – 11.00 – 12.00

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Dr Aditya Ramesh

Music, Environment and Social Change

How to cope with and respond to challenges like the climate crisis is at the forefront of many of our minds. But creative arts like music are too often left out of conversations about how to live in an era of rapid environmental change. This event will present work by composers and researchers at the Royal Northern College of Music and the University of Manchester which speaks to these relationships between music and environmental change. We will talk about how music can help cope with crisis and process ecological grief, as well as how music can be part of shifts towards more sustainable societies.

When: Monday 15th November 2021 – 18.00 – 19.30

Where: Online

Event Organiser: Dr Rose Pritchard

GM Share and Learn Showcase: leading Education Recovery

As part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Festival of Social Science, this virtual event focuses on understanding and capturing the innovative school practices that are informing local education recovery. University researchers, working with school leaders and teachers, will share their stories via a carousel of short presentations, filmed vignettes or workshop-style activities. The event will then conclude with a facilitated discussion as to how universities might continue to contribute to strengthening Greater Manchester’s local education agenda, by exploring what schools and their partners want from a world-leading, research-intensive Education department.

Come along to raise awareness, open up dialogue and build further practitioner- researcher partnerships.

Themes and speakers include:

Paul Armstrong, Mel Ainscow and Stephen Rayner: Moving knowledge around – how collaboration can be used to support the educational recovery strategy in Greater Manchester.

Liz Birchinall: We built it and they did not come – mindfulness interventions in Initial Teacher Education.

Pamela Qualter, Lily Verity, Charlotte Bagnall, and Terry Hanley: Mental health and wellbeing in the school context.

Mark Carrigan: Social Media – connecting academics and the public.

Carl Emery and Louisa Dawes: Local Matters – a research and community led approach to understanding and addressing poverty at the local level.

Andy Howes, Sian Morgan and Rai Lock: “Ignorance is only bliss to the privileged” – how can and should teachers and trainees respond to demands for climate and environmental justice.

Chris McClean: School citizen assemblies and climate change calculators for schools.

When: Wednesday 17th November 2021 – 16.00 – 18.00

Where: Online

Event lead by: Dr Claire Forbes